>About me

>I’m a single mum to my almost 8 year old daughter E. I’ve been a single mum pretty much since the day I told her father I was pregnant and although it’s been hard I wouldnt change it for the world. E is all mine and the beautiful, kind and generous little girl she has turned into is because of me and me alone!

I work part time as a civil servant, working with offenders and getting them into accommodation, employment and/or education and it is pretty rewarding, despite wanting to pull my hair out half the time. It wasnt some dream of mine to work with people who need a bit of help to integrate back into society, it just kind of happened and I’ve been in this job for 3 years now. Prior to that I was dishing out ASBO’s (another job I fell into after thinking it would be quite nice to work with men in uniform! lol!) and before that I managed a team of debt collectors in a large multinational bank. I never wanted to do any of these jobs, my dream when I was younger was to be a holiday rep so after school I worked in a travel agents and then a hairdressers before finally jetting off (or should I say jumping on a coach) to the sunny South of France where I worked as a holiday rep for 6 months. I returned home, met my daughters father and never ended up returning to the managers job I’d secured for the following summer, but Im glad I got my chance to fulfil my little dream before my daughter was born, I loved every minute of it and although I wanted to go out there and do it all over again, having my daughter made me grow up and take responsibility, which is what I needed at the time.

Now the dream is to become a wedding planner. Sounds very American and I know they arent in as high a demand over here, especially in this financial climate, but it’s something I’ve been considering and looking into for about 5 years and I’d love to gain some experience in the field prior to branching out on my own. Maybe one day!

I’m into all sorts of things, not that I usually have the time to do them mind you! I love travelling, but as you can imagine I cant afford as many holidays as I would like and they are usually dominated by Mr Croc or Rory the Tiger rather than all night clubbing or relaxing in a spa these days! Im an avid reader too, although I won’t pretend Im a literary expert in any way shape or form – I love my chick lit and make no apologies for it! My favourites most recently however have been the Phillipa Gregory series detailing the lives of The Tudors, which just so happens to be the period of history I couldn’t get enough of at school. As you can probably guess I’m also a fan of a good chick flick, much to the disgust of my younger, far cooler sister!

My other passion is cooking, or should that be eating – maybe both! My love of food has led me to Slimming World, and although I no longer attend the group (I follow the diet online, although don’t get me started on what a waste of £60 that was!) I’ve lost 4 stone now in 20 weeks which is pretty good going if I do so say myself! (Although that’s the 20 weeks I was actually on the diet, I stopped completely between July and November so it’s only 20 weeks if you count when I was actually following the diet! lol!) The diet, when I actually follow it is very easy and I never go hungry at all, plus it gives me the chance to indulge in my love of cooking (and eating the results!) which when I am really into the diet involves something made from scratch for lunch and dinner (sometimes breakfast too) every day. I won’t lie, some of the SW recipes I’ve tried are horrific, so I came up with my own way of ensuring that I got tasty diet friendly food and bought a load of food magazines and just adapted the recipes to suit the diet, which is surprisingly easy and the results haven’t disappointed me yet!

Anyway enough of my mad ramblings, until next time……….

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