>Books I read in 2009

>A pictorial list of some of the books I’ve read in 2009 (mainly chick lit but as you can tell I am also a great fan of historical novels by Phillipa Gregory, infact I can’t wait for her next one!):

Wedding Season – about a wedding planner who doesn’t believe in love!

The White Queen – Set during the war of the roses, it tells the story of Elizabeth Woodville, of the House of Lancaster, who seduces and marries Edward IV, of the House of York. It tells the tale of her struggles as the Queen of England and her love for her children. I loved this book, it opened up a whole new period in history that I hadn’t previously taken an interest in.

The Virgin’s Lover – tells the story of Queen Elizabeth I as she comes to the throne and the love of her life.

The Stepmothers Support Group – covers the ups and downs of a group of friends as they negotiate the pitfalls and occasional moments of joy being a stepmum brings

The Stepmother – falling in love with a man with two daughters proves hard to handle for the heroine of this story

The Queens Fool – caught between both Mary and Elizabeth Tudor as they fight for the right to the throne of England, Hannah’s loyalties are torn

The Other Queen – a moving historical novel about Mary Queen of Scots

The Lady & the Unicorn – this came free with a magazine and turned out to be a read I couldn’t put down! Passion and intregue in the 15th century.

The Constant Princess – the story of Catherine of Aragon and her struggle ensure her birthright – the throne of England

The Boleyn Inheritance – Jane Parker, aka Jane Boleyn, wife of the shamed George Boleyn and sister in law of the executed queen Anne Boleyn struggles with the part she was forced to play in their demise.

Revenge of the wedding planner – more wedding planning mahem – can you tell I always fancied being a wedding planner?

Petite Anglaise – once a blog, now a book. The escapades of an expat in Paris who finds out that her “prince charming” isn’t for her anymore

Merde Happens – the 3rd book in the series, this time the main character is in the USA after finding himself in financial trouble back in France

Merde Actually – 2nd book in the series (had already read the 1st previously) sees the main character opening a British Tea Room in France

How to break your own heart – is it better to break your own heart than settle for second best?

Bordeaux Housewives – what the expats get up to in France

The Accidental Mother – with her best friend suddenly passing away and their father nowhere to be seen, the heroin reluctantly takes on the role as mum

The Accidental Family – Not only is the heroin relishing her new role as mum to her friends two children, she also finds herself falling for her best friends estranged husband


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