>"Borrowed" Recipe……….

>I have today borrowed a recipe from a fellow blogger. Magic Mummy at The Diary of a Frugal Family posted a recipe the other day for “Microwave Jam Sponge Pudding” that her gorgeous little girl Miss Frugal made recently so I thought if it’s that easy a 7 year old can make it, then I would give it a go too!

Now E doesn’t like Jam (or anything that is actually considered “real food”) so I used golden syrup instead. I followed the recipe and it worked (I’m shocked as my microwave and I don’t get on!) and is absolutely gorgeous!

Here’s one I made earlier as they say on Blue Peter:

This is what it looks like after cooking, I took this one to demonstrate how huge it is! It’s in a dish at least 25cm across and makes 4 very big portions.

And this is the finished article prior to being shoveled into my eagerly waiting mouth!

For the recipe, visit Magic Mummy’s recipe here. And while you’re at it, have a look at her other posts too. I have only been following her for a few days but I love her blog already and have read all of her posts right back to when she first started blogging. She works full time and has two really cute kids yet she still manages to spend quality time with them every day making various different things, from the “Wish Book” she made with Miss Frugal today to the “Reindeer Dust” she made back in December, not to mention all the yummy recipes she posts on almost a daily basis – I truly am addicted to her blog!


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