>Panic Buying

>Today I actually experienced what we keep hearing so much about on the news of late – Panic Buying. For some reason (I’m assuming because the word “blizzard” was used to describe the amount of snow we are to expect over the next 3 days on the news) every single person in Kent appeared to be in my local Asda today.

I thought I’d pop down there even though it was a Saturday and is usually a little busier than usual and get my shopping instead of going to the corner shop and spending a small fortune on the same shopping list, well what a mistake that was! I thought it was busier than usual as I walked around the store, but when I went down the aisles behind the checkouts there was an awful lot of pushing and shoving going on – then I realised why! People were queuing to the end of the aisles behind the checkouts and into the middle of the store, just to pay for their shopping. I thought I was dreaming until I walked the length of the store searching for a shorter queue. Needless to say after half an hour of queuing I was ready never to set foot in Asda again – well for at least a considerable amount of time anyway!

And what’s with all the empty bread, milk and egg aisles? I didnt realise we all had to have scrambled eggs on toast the minute it starts snowing!


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