>Cash for your mobile

>As I’m supposed to be getting a new mobile contract in April (although I may go for a pay as you go until I know if we’re upping sticks to Gib/Spain) I’ve been looking at the cost of selling my mobile on one of these sites that give you cash for your old mobiles.

The one that sprang to mind was Envirofone as that’s often advertised on tv, but then I came across MobileValuer.com from Martin Lewis at Money Saving Expert.

All you do is enter whether your phone is in full working order or not and then the make and model and it lists what several companies will offer either in cash or vouchers for various stores. Apparently for my Samsung Pixon I can get £65 from a company called Mopay and £60.10 for my Nokia N73 from a company called Love2Recycle.

So that’s over £120 for doing absolutely nothing, other than posting my phones to the company in question! Can’t be bad!


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