>Meal Planning

>As part of the diet plan I decided to plan meals in advance to help me stay on track and also within budget.

I was looking on Netmums earlier and stumbled upon an article on their weekly and monthly meal planner and thought they would be ideal, especially the weekly one. Which you can download here (weekly) and here (monthly).

I’ve printed off the weekly one and plan to sit and make a list of foods that both E and I enjoy (and are ok diet wise) this evening based on what I’ve got left in the freezer/cupboards etc, rather than buy yet more food next week. It’s very tempting just to make E something quick when she gets in from school then just snack on rubbish myself now M isn’t going to be around and I hate cooking for myself at the best of times, but if I ensure that both E and I like what I am cooking there will be no need to make separate meals. I can also hopefully squeeze some hidden vegetables into E’s food that way too by blending them into sauces etc as she really doesn’t get enough fruit and veg, neither do I come to think of it!


2 responses to “>Meal Planning

  1. >I'm desperately on the hunt for Recipie books for "singles" atm as I'm fed up of over cooking for myself! doesnt do my diet any good! I keep meaning to plan my meals and you have just inspired me 😀

  2. >Me inspiring!?! lol! I always seem to overcook, but then I freeze whatever is left over so I know I've got something I can just reheat if I get in late or if the little monkey is eating elsewhere that day. Saying that I often forget what I freeze and find it months later at the back of the freezer!

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