>The Golden Globes

>Last night saw the 67th Golden Globes being held in the US. The Brits lost out on awards, but Ricky Jervais made history in being the only compere for the entire evening in 15 years!

Avatar won Best Motion Picture, Sandra Bullock won Best Actress and Jeff Bridges Best Actor, but now to the important stuff – what were they wearing on the slightly damp red carpet?

Anna Paquin in a sparkly number. This has made a few worst dressed lists, but I quite like it on her. Lets face it with a body like that she’d still look good wearing a black bag!

Courtney Cox showing how to do timeless elegance.

Courtney Cox’s best friend Jennifer Aniston doesn’t disappoint either in a sexy black split to the thigh number.

Julia Roberts in a short cheeky little black dress. I would kill to look like her now, let alone at her age, she looks absolutely amazing!

Kate Hudson in a dress that wouldn’t have looked out of place in her film “Bride Wars” but I love it! Those heels look like they would cause a few blisters though!

And finally proving that us Brits can compete with the American glitteratti it’s the gorgeous Kate Winslet looking as gorgeous as ever.


One response to “>The Golden Globes

  1. >Must admit I missed the ceremony, so I'm glad I caught your post. All the best bits without the tearful acceptance speeches. Cool!

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