>My baby’s all grown up!

>Well, she has been for a long time now! E was 8 on Tuesday and I swear she’s grown about a foot since then, she just looks older which is quite bizarre.

E went to school as usual on Tuesday, but not after opening her cards and presents on my bed (she is so adorable, didn’t even come in to my room until 8am because she knew it was my day off and said she wanted me to have a lie in – it was her birthday bless her!), then I de-disney princessed her room and turned it into a shrine to all things high school musical with new wall art, bed set and curtains to surprise her when she got home from school. I told her that something had happened in her room and she better go take a look – she stood at her door and said “It’s a birthday miracle!” – she’s so dramatic!

After school we met my sister, her partner and 2 babies and my mum and step dad in Pizza Hut for a birthday meal (great for the diet although I had salad and 2 slices of pizza and dodged the birthday cake, so although bad, not terribly bad) and E made sure she had not only her black sequined leggings but also her pink sequined top and pink and silver sequined butterfly hair clips in too. Not forgetting her “high heels” – I hate the things! They only have about an inch heel at the very most and they are relatively sensible in that her foot is enclosed but I can’t help but think that she is far too young for them, even though I am assured by both her and my mum that she is a big girl now! Needless to say they only come out of the box on very special occasions!

She had a lovely day and was absolutely exhausted when she feel asleep that night. Looking at her fast asleep I couldn’t quite believe that 8 years ago at that time I was in hospital after having her at 9.04 that morning, holding a mirror up to her nose to check if she was still breathing! (yes I was slightly deranged and was obsessed with her not breathing and if I couldn’t see her chest rising and falling out came the mirror!) She was always such a calm happy baby, although I don’t think I actually appreciated how good she was back then because I was only young and finding it hard to adjust to dealing with a baby on my own but she really was the perfect baby, so easy going and with such a cheeky sense of humour. Now 8 years on, she is even more beautiful (although when she was born I wasn’t convinced she was beautiful with her strange multicoloured hair, swollen head, bashed up nose and hairy ears! (yes my child had weird pointy hair on her ears so she looked like an elf!) and every bit as cheeky, kind and generous although slightly less easy going and can be overly sensitive but such a lovely little girl, she really is. I know I’m biased but she really is a sweetie. I can’t quite believe I’ve got an 8 year old – I managed to keep her alive for that long without dropping her on her head when she was a baby or forgetting her in a supermarket lol, and for the completely non maternal 20 year old that had to deal with the cute little bundle all those years ago I’m actually quite proud of myself. She is who she is today because of me (and my lovely mum of course!) and I couldn’t love her any more.


3 responses to “>My baby’s all grown up!

  1. >I remember those years…treasure her while she's young! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did…Mrs. Scribe Reviews…

  2. >Thanks for stopping by Melissa

  3. >Happy Birthday E…she sounds like a lovely little girl – you must be so proud…x

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