>Wii Fit

I took delivery of my new toy today! I thought that as I got E & M a Wii for Christmas that I would treat myself to a Wii Fit (well I bought it for E too as she is getting a little chunky!). So far I have logged all my details onto it including height, weight, date of birth and I did a balance test and I came out with a Wii Fit age of 39!!!! 39!!!! I’m 28 for god’s sake, I almost fell off the bloody thing then smashed it against the wall, how dare it tell me I’m 39! Needless to say I’m not impressed, but on the plus side, I’ve lost 2lb since Monday which is great considering I “accidentally” ate a KFC Wednesday night and having 2 slices of pizza on Monday and my BMI has reduced from the massive 46 it was prior to losing 4 stone (although that’s actually now 3 stone after putting on weight over the last month – sob!) by almost 10 points so that’s really good. (cant remember the exact number now) Obviously it should be under 25 so I have a long way to go but it just goes to show that I can do it and I am healthier for losing that weight.

I decided to do half an hour on it and try out the numerous games etc. I did skiing, ski jumping, heading, table balancing, stepping, hula hooping, waist twist things and yoga and I must say I really enjoyed it and wanted to keep going to beat my last score so maybe it will work to keep me motivated. I’m going to aim for 15 minutes a day 5 days a week and if I do any more then that’s a bonus. It has handy graphs on it to record how often you exercise, your weight, your bmi and your “Wii Fit” age, although hopefully I can substantially reduce it and get it somewhere a bit nearer my own age! I wouldn’t mind but it kept telling me I wasn’t that flexible – well you wouldn’t be either with sciatica, 2 disintegrated discs and one collapsed disc in your back now would you!

I thought I would get E on it just to check her weight and see what her BMI came out as. Now E is on the chunky side, she has a bit of a belly but other than that she is fine. She is very tall for her age, infact when I measured her I found out that she is 4ft 5 which is very tall for an 8 year old, but she also weighs 5st 7lb and her BMI is 19! Well I almost fell over and started immediately banning her from any form of treats in my head, then I remembered that E was always very tall and heavy as a baby compared to other children of her age and the health visitors constantly droned on that she was overweight, which when compared to her height she wasn’t at all. So I checked out the growth charts for children and found that E’s height and weight link up perfectly, infact she is under on her weight for her height so she is fine, panic over. Saying that she does need to exercise more and what with the terrible weather we’ve had lately the Wii Fit will come in handy until we can get outside for some outdoor activities like walking in the woods (I have no wellies and no trainers at the mo and my heels aren’t really compatible with mud! I need to hit the shops!) or even horse riding as she loves that and has some birthday money to use so maybe something like that will be good. We live in a flat so have no outside space which I hate, if I did she would be out there like a shot, she loves my mums garden and is dying to get one of those huge trampolines!

I try not to make a big deal out of my dieting in front of E but she knows I’m on a diet because she doesn’t see me cramming cakes and chocolate in my mouth at every possible opportunity. The good thing to come out of the diet is that we are eating together and she is trying a wider variety of foods rather than her old favourites and she often joins in when I am doing a workout dvd so at least she is more active than usual. Fingers crossed the Wii Fit is something that will help both of us to be a little more healthy in future.


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