>Horrific home birth experience

>I was driving back to work earlier after taking E to the GP (yet again) for tonsillitis and my radio suddenly lost reception and instead of my normal Radio 1, I found myself listening to an interview on Radio 2.

It was a woman who was talking about giving birth at home, at first it sounded like quite a nice story, she had 4 daughters, great births etc, until it came to number 3. She had booked a private midwife for a home birth and numerous things were missed in here care during pregnancy, such as protein in her urine which the midwife dismissed because of the woman having had a sugary snack before their appointment, but this kept happening – even I know it’s a sign of gestational diabetes or pre eclampsia, surely a midwife would think to dig a little deeper! Then it got worse, she was allowed to deliver at home and was even induced at home! You aren’t allowed to be induced at home, it has to be in hospital! Was the midwife mad? Clearly she was as I heard the next bit………..

The woman went on to say that she knew she would have to be cut because her last two babies needed a little help to appear so asked the midwife to cut her to allow for the baby to arrive, she thought it would be one more push, but then she saw a terrified look on the midwife’s face! Here it is in her own words:

“I thought I would deliver the shoulders and Daisy would be out but suddenly Sue started to get stressed. She was sweating.

“Then she threw me across the room on to all fours and started cutting me with scissors. She cut me randomly and she just kept cutting.

“It was as if I was a piece of meat. I was shouting ‘get the baby out’ and she literally just cut her out of me.”

These cuts left this poor woman needing five hours of surgery and the baby with a severely damaged arm and neck which she will never recover from. What adds to the terror for the family is that they then found out the midwife was not insured and did not own her own home so they will probably never get any compensation for what happened on what should have been one of the happiest days of their lives and turned into the most traumatic. You can read the full story here.

It started a debate on the radio station about whether women are safe to give birth at home, which is probably quite unfair because this poor woman had gestational diabetes and should not have been allowed to have given birth at home in the first place, let alone have been induced and then mutilated there too! In normal circumstances, where a woman and her baby are perfectly healthy I can imagine that a home birth can be a wonderful experience for both mum and baby and I am sad to say that a caller who rang in after the interview who had been hoping for a home birth was frightened out of her wits by it and had in that instant decided against a home birth.

Who knows if I will ever have another child (would love one if truth be told) but if I do it certainly hasn’t put me off considering having a home birth, just private midwives! (not that I could afford one if I wanted one anyway!)


2 responses to “>Horrific home birth experience

  1. >That is absolutely shocking!!! Flamin heck! x

  2. >Not a positive story, and probably a very rare occurence. If you have a homebirth on the NHS you have two midwives in attendance (more than in hospital most of the time!). I recently had my third baby at home and it was a lovely experience, can recommend it! Glad this horror story hasn't put you off (the media love horror stories).

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