>Stories and songs meme

>I’ve been tagged by the lovely Hayley at Single Motherhood Challenges and it’s my first meme – yey!

My song is Free by Ultra Nate. I haven’t got much of a story to go with it, I just love the song and it reminds me of when I was younger.

Every time I hear it I can’t help but smile and remember the crazy teenager I was when it first came out, so young and with not a care in the world. I think this one is the ultimate breakup song – well for my teens and twenties anyway when I had a habit of dating complete morons before finally coming to my senses. I also love the words – “you’re free to do what you want to do, you’ve got to live your life, do what you want to do!” It’s a positive, fun song and always puts me in a positive frame of mind.

This one is always guaranteed to get me on the dance floor!

I think pretty much everyone has done this meme now, but if not consider yourself tagged!


One response to “>Stories and songs meme

  1. >Oh great song – and great memories to go with it. Nothing better than getting out of a bad relationship and finally feeling free to get on with the more fun things in life! Thanks for taking on the meme.

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