>Birth Story

>Thinking about birth choices has got me thinking about when I actually had little E, found my birth story on Babyworld so thought I’d repost it here.

I was lucky to have what I consider a very quick labour, although my midwife would disagree!

I went for my induction appointment on the thursday before I gave birth as E was far too comfy inside me to put in an appearance on time for some reason! The midwife told me that I was already having quite strong contractions and that the baby’s head was very low – she was surprised I could still walk! (lovely!) I couldn’t feel the contractions, although my stomach appeared to be doing something pretty bizarre when you looked at it!

I carried on as usual until friday night when the EastEnders storyline involving Little Mo killing Trevor came on, but then there was a power cut and I got so wound up I started having what I thought were Braxton Hicks. Still annoyed at missing EastEnders and feeling like a beached whale I decided that as it would be my last weekend minus baby I would go out for the night! So off I went to the pub, all the while having what I thought were Braxton Hicks. I went back to a friends after the pub and the pains continued, but I’d convinced myself I was being induced the following Tuesday so I didn’t pay any attention, until someone mentioned I looked very pale and hadn’t I be getting home soon. I was driven home and went up to bed, still believing I was only having Braxton Hicks until an hour later when I felt uncomfortable enough that I couldn’t sleep, so off I went downstairs and popped on my Tens machine to try and ease the pain a bit. The Tens machine was great, but by now I was convinced I was definitely in labour and started monitoring my contractions.

My mum came downstairs at about 4am after hearing me moving about and when she asked how far apart my contractions were and I replied “they are a minute apart and lasting for a minute and a half”, she went white and rang the hospital. The words “Oh my god you’re going to give birth in my living room!” were also mentioned! They told her that as it was my first labour it would take 18 hours and that I should stay at home. The contractions grew closer and closer together and in the end after ringing the hospital back another two times my mum rang them again and told them she was bringing me in.

I arrived at the hospital at 5.30am and was shown to my room by a security guard!!! No midwives showed up for another half an hour and when she did, she put me on a monitor, told me the labour would last at least another 18 hours and wandered off! A new midwife showed up a few hours later and even though I was 7cm dilated she still told me that it would be at least another 18 hours! (what is it with 18 hours for god’s sake!?!) In the end I needed the loo so went off to the toilet with my mum and almost gave birth on the loo! My mum had to scream at the midwives who were all sitting yards away on the nurses station to come and help me!

All I can remember about the last few moments of labour were the midwife telling me I had strong pelvic floor muscles and telling her to stop being so patronising and my poor sister walking into the room after a boozy night out just as E’s head was emerging and shrieking “I’m gonna be sick” as she ran from the room!

E was born at 9.04am and had to be resuscitated after having her cord wrapped round her chest and swallowing god knows what on the way out, but was soon shrieking away and munching on her hand!

The funniest moment was definitely electrocuting my mum with a tens machine when she tried to get it off me and I accidentally turned it up full blast! Apart from the crap midwives I think I got away lightly when it came down to it. I was only in real pain for about 5 hours, although I was in labour almost 72 hours!

(Pic is of E having a bath after she decided to poo all over herself, me, my mum, the midwife, the floor, the wall and even the ceiling on the way out! Lovely!)


4 responses to “>Birth Story

  1. >Blimey! Can't think what else to say. Just 'blimey!'… Don't want to name and shame the hospital do you?

  2. >Awww that is such a lovely story! I LOVE the way you electrocuted your mum! My mum got worse than that in that she was on the end of all my flack haha! Lucky girl not realising you were in labour! 😀

  3. >It was Queen Mary's in Sidcup, Kent. Wrote another post on birth choices and the other hospital had a terrible reputation compared to this one so who knows what could have happened there! It was frustrating at the time that I was pretty much left on my own and was fobbed off all the time, but looking back on it now I can laugh at the funny bits at least and I was lucky to have had such a good time of it myself – well if you don't count what was or should I say wasn't going on in the hosp. Did I mention I kept telling them how tired and drained I felt after being awake for about 48 hours and they kept saying I had baby blues, they only listened to me when I passed out with the baby in my arms while trying to bath her! Morons!

  4. >Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! What a precious little bundle of joy she is. Sounds like E was born a little drama queen; I wonder if she's still that way 8 years later.Best of luck with your blogging adventures!

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