>My baby is all grown up

>There comes a time in every parent’s life they hear those immortal words “you’re too embarrassing” from their offspring – I was thinking I had at least another 5 or 6 years left before E uttered these words, bearing in mind that she’s only 8, but last night was one such night!

E had her valentine’s disco at school last night and usually I go with her and sit on the sidelines with a ready supply of money for snacks and drinks. But E decided that she was far too grown up to have me there because I’m embarrassing and she is old enough to go to her disco alone. So instead of sitting there listening to Michael Jackson, The Macarena and numerous other songs I was left redundant at home wondering what to do with myself for the hour and a half she was there.

So off she went with my mum to the disco dressed in what I can only refer to as a tribute to the 80s (a dress with a blue and black starred puffball skirt and pink on the top, her “high heels” as she refers to them which are infact sandals with an inch heel she begged for, a hairband with four long blonde plaits tied with numerous little pink bows she’d bought with her pocket money and a slick of shiny pink lip gloss which only comes out for discos and xmas!). An hour and a half later I went to collect her and out she bounced, full of tales of the valentines cards they all got from the school and her secret kiss with a boy in her class! Walking across the grass to my car she said “Yuk my heels are sinking into the mud!” I told her that it’s one of the many things a woman in heels has to put up with!

It got me thinking that she is growing up so fast now. As she keeps reminding me she isn’t my baby anymore, although I insist that she will always be my baby even when she’s grown up with a family of her own. The little girl I once dressed and fed has now taken it upon herself to choose her own clothes (whether they match or not is another story!), no longer needs my help with homework (unless it’s particularly difficult of course), doesn’t want me to sit in the bathroom with her while she’s in the bath (incase I see her boobies apparently!) and no longer needs me to brush her hair off her face or pat her back while she falls asleep. I’m not redundant by any means, she still needs someone to read her school book to, beat on the wii, parade around infront of when she’s being Hannah Montana or kiss her better when she hurts herself, but she isn’t as dependant on me as that little baby once was. She has however turned into a feisty, independent little (or big as she would insist) girl who I could not be more proud of!


One response to “>My baby is all grown up

  1. >Awww thats lovely! I keep thinking about how much J has changed and he's only 3! I'm dreading when he gets to 8 lol!

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