>Diet Club – update

And another successful week in the diet club – well for me anyway! It’s now the end of week 4 and I’ve lost a total of 1st 1lb in 4 weeks, smashing my target of losing a stone by the time I next saw M and also managing to get a total of 4 stone off again!

Next target is to lose another 7lb after seeing M and until I see him next time and with 1lb of that already gone it’s looking good!

Losing 5lb this week has really given me the boost I needed and the motivation to carry on because I’m clearly doing something right, even if I may need counselling to get over my wii fit addiction!

My mum has had a weigh in night off, but as she has taken E to her holiday flat for half term I’m sure she can be forgiven. My aunt unfortunately hasn’t done too well and actually put on a pound, although I think I may have worked out why! After our healthy dinner of steak with peppercorn sauce, new potatoes and veg she produced two desserts, with 360 calories in each! She proceeded to tell me she didn’t think that was a lot and that she’d had one every night, as well as demolishing a tub of peanuts this week – well that’s that extra pound then!


One response to “>Diet Club – update

  1. >Wow, you really are doing so well! Isn't it so motivating when you lose? Keep going!

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