>My hot list!

>Insomniac Mummy does a great weekly hot or not list featuring a different man every week and giving us the opportunity to vote on whether the man in question is infact hot, or not as the case may be. Taking inspiration from her I’ve come up with my own hot list!

Henry Cavil

Yes, I know there are 2 pics of him, but he is so yummy I couldn’t resist! I love the suited and booted type but he also looks practically edible in his costumes for The Tudors!

Jonathan Reece Myers

Kind of a Tudors theme going on here I think! Can’t forget the gorgeous Jonathan RM doing the suited and booted boysish good looks thing very well indeed! I love those eyes!

Robbie Williams

Who can resist the cheeky naughtiness of Robbie Williams? Another one with gorgeous eyes and those tatoos are rather nice too!

Josh Lucas

After seeing him in Sweet Home Alabama I have had a soft spot for the lovely Josh.

Patrick Dempsey

What’s better than Patrick Dempsey? Patrick Dempsey holding babies! Everybody say Ahh!

Gerard Butler

One word – Yummy!

Jude Law

I do love a sexy Englishman!

Matthew McConaughey

Needless to say I rather like what’s underneath that tshirt!

Ross Kemp

I do love a bit of bald!

Joaquin Phoenix

Mean and moody and absolutely gorgeous – except for when he has some serious facial fur going on!

Gary Barlow

Older and wiser 20 years on from when Take That first formed – am rather partial to the newly chisled sexed up version of Mr Barlow!

That’s enough, this post is turning me into a bit of a pervert! Think I need a cold shower!


3 responses to “>My hot list!

  1. >Thanks for following my blog! i'm glad i came over to yours you have wonderful taste in men, especially the tudor boys yummy!! I will look forward to getting to know you better love amy xxxxxx

  2. >Noooo, Ross Kemp AND Gary Barlow?! Not heard of The Tudors but it looks *interesting* hee hee!

  3. >Oooooh this was a nice suprise lots of yummy men to drool over….

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