>Diet club – update

Another week at diet club, this week didn’t see any big losses – infact it didn’t see any losses at all!

My aunt put on a pound – again!

My mum stayed the same.

And I stayed the same. But I have consoled myself with the fact that I may not have lost pounds, but I certainly lost inches! All 8 of them in a week! So at least all that exercise has paid off. And that’s 18 inches in total now over the 5 weeks so that’s pretty good going.

I sent my mum and my aunt home armed with a pile of back issues of the slimming world magazine for a bit of inspiration this week as they will be weighing themselves on Monday while I’m in (not so) sunny Spain for a few days. I’m hoping I can get away with staying the same or putting on a minimal amount of pounds over the 4 days I’m there, but I suppose only time – and the scales, will tell!


4 responses to “>Diet club – update

  1. >18 inches is a lot… Well done! Do you have a target?

  2. >wow, that is a huge size loss! and if you are exercising and losing inches then the 'weight gain' is more likely to be muscle so you are losing the fat.that is a massive loss, well done you. Be careful though, don't try to lose too much at once, if nothing else the skin needs time to catch up!

  3. >Well, viva Espana anyway!

  4. >Fabulous! Of course I would say go and enjoy your holiday and all it has to offer. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following! I'm following right back:)

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