>Thank you’s, shopping and dieting!

>This is a bit of a multi purpose post this evening. I’ve been out shopping at Bluewater and my lovely mum treated me to a new top, a dress and a pair of shoes for my holiday to see M in Spain this weekend. I also treated myself to two new books to keep me entertained on the plane – another historical fiction one to satisfy my inner history geek and of course some good old chick lit.

My feet are absolutely killing me so I’ve put my feet up and caught up on all the posts and tweets I’ve missed while I’ve been at work and hitting the shops. Which leads me on to my thank you – to everyone who has recently added me on twitter or blogger and for all your lovely tweets and comments, it’s really kind of you. Thank you also for letting me read your blogs, I’m addicted and cant help but get my fix every day now, even if it does mean speed reading just before bed! I don’t quite know what I’ll do with myself out in Spain with no internet in the apartment. Yes I know I haven’t seen M for over a month and my mind should probably not be on catching up on blog reading and be focused straight on him, but he’s working on Sunday so I may just go find myself an internet cafe! (I think that means I have a serious addiction to the blogosphere!)

Onto the dieting bit, thought I’d post on here rather than replying to all the comments about my diet. For those of you who are new, I’m FAT – don’t worry it’s true! I lost 4 stone in 20 weeks last year doing slimming world, then gave up for a few months and put a stone back on again, so the 1st 1lb I’ve lost over the last 5 weeks has made up for that and I’m back at having lost 4 stone again. To be classed as a healthy weight I need to lose about another 4 stone, but to be honest I will stop once I feel happy in myself. It doesn’t bother me how much I actually weigh, just as long as I’m happy and the numbers don’t seem right to me anyway, I’m 5ft 8 and the last time I was a size 12 I weighed 12 and a half stone, but that’s overweight according to all the charts – yeah right, what a load of rubbish!! 5ft 8 and I size 12 – oh to be that small again!

Obviously my body shape has changed over the years since having my now 8 year old daughter (I would love to say it’s baby weight but that excuse kind of ran thin when she hit 2 or 3!) and I have no ideal size as such in mind, just whatever suits me once I get there. I’ve done pretty well, going from a size 30 (hideous just thinking I was actually that big – I must’ve looked like a car!) to a size 18 and over the entire diet I’ve lost over 40 inches all over so that’s a huge loss and I am very proud of myself if truth be told because it’s not easy to lose it – easy to put on though unfortunately!

I haven’t got any excuses for why I got so big, I had a baby but can’t even use that as an excuse because I lost 2 and a half stone when I was pregnant because I was so sick and went on to lose more after she was born! It was the post natal depression that did it for me, I was miserable so I ate, then got more miserable so I ate some more. When I beat the depression I carried on eating for the sake of it because I was lonely and bored – I wouldn’t have been bored if I’d stuck on an exercise dvd and put the box of cakes down, but that’s the beauty of hindsight.

I’ll get around to digging some “before” photos out soon and will have to post them on here as a record of how far I’ve come, can’t wait to be able to take some “after” photos now!


3 responses to “>Thank you’s, shopping and dieting!

  1. >oh wow! that is such an achievement! you must be so proud of yourself! can't wait to see some before and after pictures, what an inspiration you are!

  2. >Like Heather said, you must be so proud of yourself. You go girl!

  3. >Hi there, nice to meet you. I really enjoyed reading all your old comments. Have a lovely holiday. Sue x

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