>Writing Workshop – Introduce to us all the different facets of yourself.

As usual the lovely Josie at Sleep is for the weak has compiled another brilliant Writing Workshop. I have chosen prompt one – Introduce to us all the different facets of yourself.

I am many things to many people. Mother, girlfriend, daughter, sister, grandaughter, niece, cousin, auntie, friend, employee, colleague, support worker, student – the list is endless. Being so many things to so many different people can be pretty draining at times!

I am first and foremost mother to my beautiful 8 year old daughter. Too old for me to baby and not old enough for me not to want to! I am her private chef, taxi service, homework helper, bruise kisser and more and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love being her mum, she is a wonderful little girl and I would have another “E” tomorrow without a second thought. I am also a working mother. I work part time as I found it hard to fit being a single mum in with working full time and still being there for my daughter every day before and after school, it just isn’t possible so something had to give and that was either my sanity or my working hours – I chose the working hours! It doesn’t end there, I am constantly made to feel guilty for not working until 5pm, even though I still work 7 hours during the day, I just squeeze it in by starting earlier and not taking a lunch break. Infact today my boss mentioned it was really hard to arrange meetings with me because I finish at 3pm – how hard can it be to arrange a meeting in the 7 hours I work for gods sake, it’s not rocket science! I wouldn’t mind but I can arrange childcare for E on the odd occasion if I need to play with my hours a bit, but obviously cant drop everything in an instant, my daughter comes first.

Being a girlfriend to M is, well weird actually! He lives in Spain and I’m stuck here so it’s not like I have to physically do anything for him (no I’m not being rude, although obviously we don’t do that either! lol!) but he is lonely out there, as I am without him but we’re constantly talking on msn, on the phone or by text. It’s strange this long distance relationship thing, you’re on your own but you’re still part of a couple and I so want to make it work. I can’t wait until E and I move out to Spain in the summer and we can be together again. I will have a new role then, no longer a working mum (well for a while anyway until E settles at her new school) but a stay at home mum and all that entails and I am really looking forward to looking after E and M and any new little additions to our family that will hopefully come along.

I’m lots of things to my family members, I try and see them all as often as I can and help them with whatever they need me to help them with. The same with my friends, but I often find that while I may be there for them, when I need someone to be there for me the only person I can rely on is my wonderful mum.

I’m a colleague and I try to fit into the teams I work in as best as I can. I have made some fantastic friends throughout my working life and my current job is no different. I often find though that the if you want something done properly you have to do it yourself mantra coming into play with a few of them though, or I take on extra work when the workload builds, yet I’m expected to carry on working at over capacity and get no thanks or recognition for it.

As a support worker to my clients I take on their problems and sort them out on their behalf, or try to empower them so they can help themselves. Some are more reliant on me than others, but I get an awful lot of satisfaction from working with my clients. They are always extremely grateful for my help and I enjoy watching them turn their lives around.

As well as being all of those things to all of those people I am also a blogger (a very new one at that) which is something I have come to enjoy immensely in the last three months I’ve been writing this blog. It’s my own private world to let off steam, record special moments, favourite recipes or waffle on about complete rubbish. I love the sense of community among my fellow bloggers and it is something that I hope to continue. I’m a student at a Spanish class, maybe even a teachers pet apparently and I love learning again. I’ve also found myself in the role of chief dieter at my little diet club I hold every Monday for myself, my mum and my aunt – considering I myself am hugely overweight it does make me laugh that they actually come to me to ask me about dieting and get recipes for healthy meals.

I’m the resident peace maker both within my family, friends and colleagues. Shy, yet outwardly confident. Ambitious, yet happy with what I’ve got. Funny too apparently and always try to lighten the mood and see the best in people.

I am many things to many people and I can’t help but like being all those things, as hectic as life sometimes becomes.


4 responses to “>Writing Workshop – Introduce to us all the different facets of yourself.

  1. >I think it is a wonderful thing to be different things to different people. It certainly makes life more interesting and keeps all of those different parts of you alive.

  2. >Goodness me you have a lot to juggle! I'm amazed you have time and energy to breathe let alone to blog too!Lovely to learn more about you 🙂 It sounds like you manage to gel all those parts of yourself in to a very successful and accomplished woman x

  3. >You sound like you are doing a great juggling act and are many things to many people x

  4. >Wow – are you sure you haven't made multiple photocopies of yourself. It's amazing when you write it all down just how much you do and are juggling. Great to learn more about bloggers through posts like this.

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