>Child psycopaths

>I think that my previous post (which can be seen here) is quite apt at the moment following the recall of Jon Venables to prison.

I picked up The Sun earlier today after seeing some brief details on the news this morning about the paper being gagged by government from printing what he was rearrested for and the paper and it’s readers it seems are very much for the details of the crime that Jon Venables committed being made public.

Firstly as the paper has stated that Venables was on license following his release as an 18 year old “lifer”, he would still be on license now and could be recalled for as little as not reporting to his probation office on one or more occasions. The paper implies that he could only be recalled for a serious offence, but this is simply not true for someone on license, it could be as I stated simply failing to report, a minor crime or indeed a more serious crime as The Sun has suggested.

Secondly is it right for these details to be made public? Yes the public may be angry that this man has gone on to commit another crime after having a new identity etc and draining tax payers money for years following his original horrendous crime, but will it make them feel any better or solve anything if the information is released? He is still a sick individual who will now be sentenced to serve the remaining term of his prison sentence for killing poor little Jamie Bulger and receive a further sentence for whatever crime he has committed. Finding out what he has done is not going to change anything. My main concern regarding the release of such information is for the victim of this alleged sexual assault – does he or she want this information released? Yes it may not become public who they are, but the crime will be and is currently splashed all over the papers as a constant reminder of the ordeal that they have suffered at the hands of this man. Do they really deserve to be reminded of what happened to them at every turn when I am sure that it is already hard enough to deal with just the memories of whatever happened to them, let alone have it in their face? I don’t think so.

I think it’s very easy to get caught up in wanting the truth in cases such as this, but I don’t believe that should be at the expense of others, especially the victim and their family.

As for Jon Venables himself, if he has done what he is alleged to have done, he clearly slipped through the net and it must be learned from before anything so horrendous happens again to someone else. Does he deserve anonymity and protection from harm in the future – that’s a whole other debate entirely!


One response to “>Child psycopaths

  1. >You do make some very good points and I dont know myself weather its going to be beneficial to anyone finding out what he has done and it bugs me greatly that the press are reporting falsly, like you I was aware that he could go back from merely breaching a curfew etc yet they fail to mention these facts in their scaremongering!

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