>Diet club update

Diet club has just finished and we were a bit thin on the ground this week, my poor mum who has arthritis and numerous other bone related aches and pains was given a week off because she could barely move bless her, so it was just me and my aunt.

I stayed the same which having been in Spain over last weekend and treating myself food wise is pretty good so I am quite pleased with that. My aunt actually lost a pound, which made her almost fall off the wii fit as she’d put 2lb on since starting our “diet club”, so she’s back in the healthy bmi range again which is great – even if she still does want to lose some more. My aunt brought dinner over this week – spag bol again, I can see a pattern developing here as that’s what my mum cooked last time so I’m determined to show them both next week that they can experiment with food rather than sticking with old favourites!

As I haven’t lost weight I thought I’d take some pics, or should I say hand my 8 year old a camera and ask her to aim it in my general direction, to see if I look different from when I got her to take pics 6 weeks ago. Well here’s the pics:

Front view taken 6 weeks ago

Front view now

Side view 6 weeks ago

Side view now

This is me at my biggest. Hideous is the only word for it!

I’ve now lost 6 dress sizes, this pic was taken today to show my old jeans which are 5 sizes bigger than I am now!

They’ve actually made me feel better because they clearly show I’ve lost weight in just 6 weeks – all 1 st 1lb and 18 inches of it! No wonder some of my trousers actually fall down now! The last pic is all the motivation I need to keep going, can’t believe I filled those HUGE jeans – what did I eat for gods sake, another person!?! (so that one shows off the full 4 stone I’ve lost and can’t remember how many inches but am sure it was 40+!)

I’m far more confident than I was and can wear much nicer clothes from a greater range of shops which is always nice! There’s still areas of my body I’m not happy with – I hate my arms, they seem to be the area that takes the longest time to shrink, but that’s nothing my dumbbells wont sort out! My stomach is a nightmare, although it has reduced considerably, even M commented on how much it had gone down when I saw him at the weekend since we’d been apart. My rather large rear end is surprisingly firm for a fatty, but that could do with shrinking too and the tops of my legs are slowly but surely shaping up too! I do however love my calves – pure muscle and quite slim compared to the rest of me and I’m discovering a love of my collar bone – not seen it in years so I quite like it! One area that isn’t shrinking is my chest – its huge, always has been, always will be but I can deal with that as long as everything else shapes up!

Think I’ll remind myself to do this in another 6 weeks because it has definitely made me want to stick to the diet!


5 responses to “>Diet club update

  1. >Just stumbled on your blog, its great! and well done on the weight lose u look fab! 😀

  2. >Wow, thats a great diet u are on. U look good!I am your latest follower from FF!!! Your blog is definitely informative, I will be hanging around for awhile.You can also follow my blog at http://www.safehomehappymom.com

  3. >wow, go you! that's brilliant! look at the size of those pants compared to now, you have done so well!

  4. >Fantatic weightloss. Well done! I too am on a similar journey over at http://www.itsmygoodlife.co.ukBeth

  5. >Great job! You look fabulous. I will have to go check out the diet club. Welcoming you to SITS!

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