>Free printable reward charts for kids

>I was going to buy E a reward chart, she keeps asking if she can have regular pocket money so I thought I would ensure that she “earns” money rather than just giving it to her. I was going to get one from Next for about £15, but then I thought I’d look online and see if I could print one, like my meal planner.

Well of course you can find them online and print them out for free, so that’s £15 I’ve saved in a matter of minutes! I stumbled across Free Printable Behaviour Charts and not only to they do “chore” charts (it’s an American site I presume), they also do reading charts, homework charts, behaviour charts and even teeth brushing charts!

E chose this one for her “chore chart” – A cute Hello Kitty one

And we also printed this one to keep an eye on her teeth brushing – Colgate Brushing Chart as she often says she has brushed her teeth, yet I find her toothbrush minutes later, still dry as a bone!

E has decided that she will be tidying her room every night before bed, doing a bit of her homework and reading her school books each night (rather than all in one go), dusting twice a week and making sure she puts her dirty washing in the dirty bin rather than leaving it for mummy to do as her chores! Only time will tell if it works!


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