>Meal Planning

>I’ve got a bit slack at this meal planning business of late and as I am having to fork out for a new part for my car tomorrow I thought it was the perfect opportunity to save money food wise and use up what I already have in the cupboards and freezer rather than spending more money on yet more food!


Lunch – Beef sandwich (left overs from tonight’s mothers day meal)

Dinner – Chicken chasseur (provided by my mum) and left over roasted veg from tonight’s mothers day meal


Lunch – Ham sandwich

Dinner – Frikadeller (Scandinavian meatballs) with rich gravy and mash


Lunch – Pasta with pesto and chorizo

Dinner – Soup


Lunch – Pasta with pesto and chorizo

Dinner – Stuffed jacket potatoes


Lunch – Ham sandwich

Dinner – Spaghetti bolognaise


Lunch – Bacon sandwich

Dinner – Beef and chorizo chilli stew


Lunch – Bacon sandwich

Dinner – Soup

Quite boring really and a lot of soup! But I am determined to keep my calories and my spending down this week and hopefully it will pay off. I don’t hold out much hope of losing weight again this week, I seem to have stayed the same again, although that’s because I need to get back on the wii fit and do some exercise – have only done it once since returning from Spain almost 2 weeks ago which is terribly lazy of me!


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