>Mothers Day

>I was woken up at 9am by my phone bleeping with a text message from M wishing me happy mothers day. On hearing the text an excited E bounded into the room laden with homemade cards for me and one of her toys she had wrapped up, telling me I could have it for a day but then it was hers again!

My mum arrived at midday with E’s presents to me, a gorgeous pic of her in a frame she had customised with a teddy bear sticker, some chocolates saying “Cleverest mum in the world, Loveliest mum in the world and prettiest mum in the world” and some lovely white tulips – which are my favourite.

Then off we went to my sisters to see her, her partner and my two gorgeous little nieces, who are 6 months and 1 and a half. My mum dropped me back at my flat so I could get our dinner on and went to take flowers to the garden of rememberence at the local church with her husband for his mum then took E to the park while her hubby had a look at my dodgey car to see if he could fix it rather than me taking it to the garage tomorrow. (he can’t)

Dinner was thanks to M&S, we had roast beef, roasted veg, sticky toffee pud and a bottle of wine all for £15, which is a pretty good deal considering I still have left overs for tomorrow. And it was a breeze, so even though I did cook on mothers day, it was a case of opening packets and popping them in the oven – thank heavens for M&S.

E’s now in bed and my mum’s just gone so now it’s time for me to sit back, relax and decide which chocolate to have first – now am I the cleverest, loveliest or prettiest tonight?


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