>Diet Club – Update

Well diet club yesterday didn’t go too well. Only I was here! My poor nan took a fall in the garden and both my aunt and my mum rushed round to make sure she was ok so diet club was cancelled.

Luckily my nan didn’t do any permanent damage, which when you fall over at the age of 89, is a worry. She’s been left badly bruised and very uncomfortable, but she’s as tough as nails and assures us she’s been through worse so not to worry.

I did weigh myself yesterday and I stayed the same – again! As I said on Sunday I really do need to get off my lazy behind and back on the wii fit again and I’m confident once I do that I’ll be back to dropping the pounds again. What I should be doing is jumping about on the wii fit right now rather than writing about being too lazy do do it, but I have a good excuse – one born every minute is on in 15 minutes!


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