>Follow Friday

>Instead of spending ages every Friday on twitter doing my follows, I thought I’d do a feature on a different blog that I follow every Friday.

And my first “victim” is Hayley over at Single Motherhood Challenges. Hayley was one of the first people to follow my blog back in January when I started posting my mad ramblings online and can always be relied on for a comment on my blog or a chat on twitter.

She is a fellow young and single mum (although the difference is I was a young mum, I’m now old in comparison!) and has a gorgeous little boy, as well as a college course, leading a unit of Guides and the London to Brighton bike ride to keep her busy, yet she still finds time to write a fantastic blog and take some amazing photos! (To check out her pics, click on this link to her other blog Angels Photography.)

Some of my favourite recent posts of hers are:

Young mums according to Jan Moir where she puts her thoughts on single mums across.

How to add pages on blogger – this was an absolute life saver and I wouldn’t have had the slightest clue where to start if Hayley hadn’t have posted this on her blog.

Life plan meme where she tells us what she had planned as a girl and how her life turned out in comparison.

Tackling a 3 year olds sleep problems head on where she takes the “sleepytot” route to tackle her sons sleep problems

My secret confession where she confesses she does infact love The Wiggles – did I mention she has strange tastes in kids tv characters? I do hope she doesn’t actually fancy any of the characters though!

Thank you mum, a heartfelt post about her wonderful mum.

I could go on and on and on! I’ve read her blog from beginning to end now and there is not one post that I didn’t enjoy the writing of. There are posts that have made me laugh and others that have made me cry, but every single one worth reading. So as part of follow Friday, get yourself over to Hayleys and have a read and check out her pictures too while you’re at it!


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