>The Lady Elizabeth

Having read Alison Weirs book “The Innocent Traitor” about Lady Jane Grey and read my way through Phillipa Gregory’s Tudor series, I thought I would start working my way through Alison Weirs other books. I am complete history geek, with the Tudor period being my absolute favourite to learn more about and although these books are historical fiction, they are based on real events with the stories evolving around them.

The Lady Elizabeth starts with Elizabeth as a child, struggling to come to terms with her mothers death and knowing little about the woman who was once the reason for which her father was prepared to risk ex communication. With the help of her trusted governess, who becomes the mother she never had, Elizabeth negotiates life both in and out of her fathers favour and gets to know her mothers successors, each very different from the last. It also give you an insight into the relationship between Elizabeth and her siblings, her loving sister turned jailer and her sweet but pompous brother. It follows her through her teenage years where she finds her self in a relationship with her step mother, Queen Katherine Parr’s husband and even pregnant with his child to being locked up in the tower and under house arrest during her sisters reign. The book ends as Elizabeth finds out that she has infact inherited the crown of England, with her future before her and her persecution firmly behind her.

This is a fantastic book, much in the same vein as “The Queen’s Fool” by Phillipa Gregory, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. You are pulled into the story and want to get to know the characters, who are described beautifully by Weir. I would definitely recommend this to any fellow history geeks and I will be getting my hands on “Elizabeth, The Queen” next, to read more of Elizabeths story.


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