>Happy 101 Award


The lovely Hayley over at Single Motherhood Tales has tagged me with a Happy 101 Award and after a pretty miserable day it’s just what I needed to cheer me up! So onto ten things that make me happy:

My daughter

I’ve had my gorgeous little girl in my life for over 8 years now and she brings me happiness every single day. I count myself lucky to have such a wonderful little girl and am constantly amazed by her. She is just beautiful, both in looks and her personality, she is kind and gentle, funny and unbelievably cute and sometimes I find myself just looking at her and making the most of every minute I have with my adorable little girl.

My partner

We’ve had our ups and downs years ago, but now we’re back together again I couldn’t be happier. He loves me for who I am, regardless of my faults and insecurities and I miss him like crazy since he’s been in Spain.

My Family

When I was growing up my family were constantly round each others houses, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, you name it, they were there. As I’ve grown older the get togethers have become less frequent and I suppose we’re less close than we used to be as a wider family but they’re always there when you need them. My mum is an absolute legend, always there for me and my daughter without a second thought. Then there’s my sister, who although she can be an absolute nightmare, is a constant source of amusement. And my two beautiful little nieces who just light up my day every time I see them.


I love going to new places, whether that’s in the UK or abroad. There’s something about a new place that lifts the heart, the smells, the sights, the atmosphere. I just love exploring and can’t wait to add some more destinations to the list of places I’ve been to.

Losing weight

No not the actual dieting – I can’t stand that bit! What I do love though is that wonderful feeling when you get on the scales and see that you’ve lost weight, the feeling when you add up all the weight you’ve lost and get a number that quite frankly makes you wonder how the hell you lost so much weight (and what the hell you ate in the first place to get so big to have to lose all that weight!). The feeling when you put the tape measure around your waist (or other bits) and see you’ve lost inches and the feeling when you put on a pair of trousers and they fall straight to the floor! (although this preferably should happen while still in your own home, rather than as it did on one occasion while walking to the police station I worked in – luckily I had a long coat on at the time!)

Food and Cooking

See now this one ties in beautifully with the above thing that makes me happy, no wonder I need to lose weight if I love food! I was going to say chocolate makes me happy, but it’s not just chocolate, it’s food in general and cooking it that makes me happy. I love nothing more than going to a nice restaurant and dining on beautifully presented, amazing food, but I equally love trying new recipes and getting my whole family over for a huge dinner with all those little extra touches that make it really special. (apparently this is down to my star sign cancer) I don’t know how I would choose just one food to take with me to a desert island, although no doubt it would be something sweet as I lean towards cakes and chocolates rather than savoury but then I also love things like steaks cooked to perfection or a good old fashioned stew with dumplings made by my lovely nan. I think I need to stop this because it’s making me hungry just typing this and I may start dribbling soon!


Doesn’t it always make things seem that bit better? I can’t help but smile when I walk outside and the sun’s out, even if I am stuck in my office and can’t get out there to enjoy it. Definitely the ultimate mood booster.


I don’t know if that makes me completely predictable but having opened an account with the intention of writing a blog in 2008 and not actually even putting pen to paper so to speak until late December 2009 I never thought my blog would actually be anything other than a place for me to write my thoughts in relative anonymity and yet it’s turned into much more than that. I’m not going to claim to be any kind of writer, I would love to write a book, but I just don’t think that I have the literary skill to do so, but out pours a load of old waffle on practically a daily basis and people actually take time out of their lives to read it and if I’m really lucky they leave me a comment, which I am still shocked that anyone does, because it’s just me rattling on as usual! I love that there is such a strong community of bloggers and the more I have got to know the people who comment on my blog the more I have been drawn into this community where people genuinely care about each other, whether they have ever met in “real life” or not. I haven’t really got many close friends any more, we’ve grown apart over the years, but on here and on twitter I can talk to people who understand me, or are at least kind enough to try, and who I respect and admire in equal measure. I love reading and I’ve found that since I’ve started reading everyone’s blogs I don’t read as many books but I’ve become addicted to finding out what everyone has to say about what’s going on in their lives.


I love receiving letters, not the bill variety obviously, but a handwritten letter from someone. As email and social networking has taken over in terms of how the world seems to conduct their lives these days, the written word seems to have become a lost art and whenever I receive one from a friend or relative I savour every single word. I also love writing letters to people. When I worked as a holiday rep in France I wrote letters weekly to my friends and family and received dozens in reply, all of which I have kept to this day as a reminder of that time in my life. I also went on to write to people I worked with out there, many of whom remain friends to this day, and although emails have pretty much taken over now I still get the odd handwritten letter from one of them and actually get quite excited just reading it.

New things

Weird one I know, but I love the “newness” about opening something previously sealed with cellophane or whatever wrapping it’s come in. Like opening a new notebook or stationary set, I can’t help but want to write something immediately. A new diary that’s just begging to have all my family birthdays written in it, or a new book just demanding that I read it.

Well that’s my 10 things that make me happy, I am sure I could think of lots more quite easily. I think this meme has been floating round the blogosphere for some time now, so if you haven’t already been tagged by someone, consider yourself tagged by me!


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