>My little girl

>I realised that although I’m technically a “Mummy Blogger” I don’t tend to dedicate entire posts to my beautiful daughter, but rather mention what we’ve made or her opinion on recipes or Spain etc, so I thought I would write a post just about her.

E is a lovely little thing, has lots of friends and is quite confident. She has had problems with kids bullying her in the past, but lately things seem to have settled down and she’s enjoying school again. She’s very clever, beyond her years apparently, although she takes her time in getting things down on paper, so although her teachers know that she is very clever, they often can’t prove how clever she is because she simply doesn’t write enough down. I’ve tried helping her with this by encouraging her to keep a diary so that she can write what she does each day, especially in the school holidays, or to write stories and she is definitely improving.

She is very much like me, can’t quite grasp her times tables, but loves history and enjoys learning about other countries and reading. My mum recently found some of my old Roald Dahl books in her loft and gave them to E and she loves having something that was mine. She now has George’s Marvellous Medicine, The Fantastic Mr Fox, The Twits and The BFG. We’ve just finished reading Georges Marvellous Medicine tonight and she loved it, and I remembered just how magical Roald Dahl’s stories are as we read it together. I tend to read the main blurb of stories and E does the “voices” so you can imagine what we sound like reading together. Tomorrow night we’re starting on Fantastic Mr Fox.

E has tried numerous after school activities over the years, from swimming to dancing and never really stuck at them. She now however goes to a lunchtime club on Fridays at school, does gardening club after school on Thursdays and Brownies on Friday night. She enjoys Brownies, although all the girls there go to the other school (that I went to when I was at primary school) in the area and she said they all have their own groups and don’t include her that much in what they do, so she seems to spend a lot of time with Brown Owl and “Penguin” (when I was younger it was Snowy Owl and Tawny Owl! Mind you when I helped out I was Vixen – love it!) and helping them set things up. Luckily she seems to like that though. When she first started we got her a Brownie Badge Book and she has managed to get a few badges so far – she’s got her World Guiding, Entertainer and Designer badges and she’s keen to work on her Wildlife one as she loves animals. I quite enjoy working with her to get her badges, maybe I wish I could get one too in a way! When we move to Spain I’m hoping to get E into either the Spanish version of Brownies once her understanding of the language increases or the Brownie pack in Gibraltar, which is English speaking and has it’s own campsite up on the rock! I’m hoping that it will make her feel more at home and give her the opportunity to make new friends and continue doing something that she loves once we get there.

On the subject of Spain, I bought some books recently for E to learn Spanish from. She has already picked up some words from her days watching Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go when she was younger and we have been setting aside ten minutes a night to go through the first of the set of four “Brighter Child ” Spanish workbooks that I bought her. She did fantastically well and on her first go we got to page 33 without her finding a word she didn’t already know, which was pretty impressive! The book contains basic numbers, months, days of the week, basic food and basic greetings and has lots of puzzles and games to play to help the words sink in. Infact I found it quite helpful to recap over what I’d learnt at Spanish class! Books 2 – 4 arrive by the end of the week so once we finish the first we can start on the second one. I also bought her two Spanish story books, one called Big Dog, Little Dog and the Ugly Duckling. In English they would be well bellow her level of reading but in Spanish, they’re probably too hard for me so we’ll have fun reading those and trying to work out what they’re saying from our very basic grasp of the language. I’m also hoping to book both of us onto a parent and child Spanish course that starts in May and runs for ten weeks on a Saturday. Not only will it be useful learning the language but it’s also something we can do together and I’m quite looking forward to it – fingers crossed there’ll be some places left once I get paid.

As I said E loves animals and she is a member of the RSPB and the PDSA Pet Protectors, she loves getting the membership magazines every other month and has fun entering their competitions. She loves wildlife programmes, she’s a mini David Attenborough in the making! We often go to farms and nature reserves and to zoos when we can and she could quite happily stay there all day. When she grows up she wants to be a “horsey rider”. I’ve been meaning to book her some lessons at the local stables, but as they’re £25 a time it’s not something I can afford that often.

When she’s not watching nature programmes, she loves playing outside. We don’t have a garden as we live in a flat, but we spend as much time outside in parks, going for walks or in my mums garden to make up for it. I also made sure she shared my love of sylvanian families and my little ponies – so I could play with them too! She likes cooking with me and has her own recipe books and baking set now so I may also have a budding Delia or Nigella on my hands!


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