>How to be married

Another book I’ve read! Started this one Sunday and finished it at 2am this morning because I couldn’t put it down! I was gripped from beginning to end and it’s a lovely story.

Sadie and her husband recently moved back to the UK from Canada in order that he could further his career. She finds herself back in London with none of her old friends around her for support as they all moved out to the suburbs to start their own families once she left for Canada. She thinks she’s the world’s worst wife, her husband even tells her she isn’t supportive of his career and moans about the state of the house and the lack of home cooking, not to mention his lack of compliments to her. Surrounded by alpha mums at her husbands work do’s Sadie feels quite inadequate, yet a chance meeting with an old lady in a park changes her life for the better.

This story is beautifully written by Polly Williams, very funny and honest about the struggles that mothers face trying to keep up with the Jones’s, or just keep up with shaving their legs more than once a year! This one is great and I’d recommend this to anyone. Fantastic!


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