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>Having told you all about Hayley from Single Motherhood Challenges last week as part of my contribution to “Follow Friday”, this weeks victim is Joelle from Thirteen & Thirty. Joelle also has a website called prymface which stands for “Promoting respect for young mothers”.

I first stumbled across Joelle when she emailed me after she read one of my posts on this blog asking if she could link to my blog from prymface, well of course I said yes! Having decided to find out more about prymface I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it wasn’t some site dedicated to young mums that told us what we should or shouldn’t be doing, instead it was about getting the respect that young mothers rightly deserve, instead of allowing ourselves to be pigeon holed by society. Having recently had a makeover, the website is looking very flash indeed and is packed full of great information.

From facts and research on young mothers, a page featuring young mums stories, on which I’m included where Joelle has very kindly described me as “•Smart 28 year old blogs about her efforts to loose weight but in the meantime is an effortlessly brilliant young mum and role model.” (I love her!) Joelle’s own story about how she became a young mum, a section on the rights of young mums and much more!

In the blog on prymface she discusses many articles and the latest government facts and figures as they are released. This truly is the place to come for information on young mums! My favourite recent posts are:

Dear me, letters to my teenage pregnant self. – which is a book put together by a lovely lady who works as a Teenage pregnancy and parents coordinator for Connexions in Leicester shire, that Joelle, Hayley (Single Motherhood Challenges) and I have all been lucky enough to have our letters included in. For this I have Joelle to thank because she suggested that I contact Connexions with my story. The book is now in print and I am expecting my copy any day now – can’t wait!

A fortnight of teenage pregnancy hysteria which is a fantastically written piece about what quite honestly was a fortnight of hysteria about teenage pregnancies which saw the Tories implying that half of all teenagers get pregnant and a map being produced of the British Isles to show how many teenage pregnancies were occurring in each county – will it effect house prices or something? Some people!

Teenage mum stereotypes, which is a great post where Joelle rewrites the stereotypes with her own. I’m the hard as nails one, incase you’re wondering!

Now, while prymface is a great website (make sure you pop over there for a look), there was another website written by a 30 year old woman with a 13 year old son that I was following. Yes I am really that thick that I didn’t put two and two together and realise they were infact written by Joelle, until some weeks later! I am talking about Thirteen & Thirty which is Joelle’s personal blog and gives you more of an insight into her and her family. It is incredibly witty, very funny and I am a huge fan. Some of my favourite recent posts are:

Can’t be arsed which details a conversation between mother and son about acceptable language and had me laughing again.

Diary of a 15 year old which is a post about self reflection and finding an old diary in the loft. Having seen the pic of the diary, I found out that we shared a similar taste in pin ups back then!

Oh my fussing god which details just how long it can take to get anywhere with the CSA – I’ve been there too!

Alice in feminist land where a trip to the cinema got her thinking about the underlying story of Alice in Wonderland

Happy Women’s Day which made me chuckle as no one seemed to know it was International Women’s Day

Both Thirteen & Thirty and prymface are worth a read so as part of “Follow Friday” please drop by and say hello!


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