>I’ve been given not one, but two shiney new awards for my blog, by the very kind Superlittlemen over at I love my mad life. With the condition being that I pass them on to 15 bloggers and list 7 things about myself.

So here are my 7 things:

1. I have had a wide range of jobs from travel agent, holiday rep, and debt collector to working with the police and probation.

2. I had my tonsils out when I was 7 and it looks like little E will be following in my footsteps!

3. I haven’t had a drink since Christmas, which isn’t unusual for me having gone from a party girl to almost teetotal since having my daughter 8 years ago.

4. I can speak basic french, spanish and turkish.

5. I love cooking and I’m most likely to be found experimenting with chocolate recipes!

6. I used to sell Avon, Phoenix cards and Usborne books but gave them up because I spent more money on promoting my “businesses” than actually making money from selling the products.

7. I once did a course in hospitality management.

As everyone seems to have had these awards now, I’ll tag anyone who hasn’t already got them!


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