Almost passed out when I just read the nominations list for The MADs blog awards (celebrating the UK’s best Mum and Dad blogs) and realised I’d been nominated for not one, but two awards! I’ve been nominated for best new blog and also best blog of the year – how unbelievably flattering is that! I now have a grin like a Cheshire cat so thank you for voting to me, I definitely didn’t expect it and it’s made my day! (my week come to think of it!)

If you haven’t already nominated your favourite blogs for an award, or if you would like to vote for me (grovel, grovel) please click on the nominate button in the side bar of this blog. There are 10 different categories and there are some fantastic prizes on offer for the winners.

At the end of the month 5 blogs with the most nominations in each category will become finalists and we will then all get to vote for our favourite, with the blogger of the year being chosen by a panel of expert judges!

All three of the founders of these awards (Sally, Josie and Ellie) must have worn themselves out organising these awards, not forgetting updating the nominations list more than daily and deserve a huge amount of praise for their ingenuity and hard work. You can find their own great blogs by clicking on their names to see what else these formidable women get up to.


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