>Follow Friday

>The next victim of my contribution to Follow Friday is the lovely Magic Mummy, over at The Diary of a Frugal Family. I can’t remember when I first discovered this great blog, but it was within a few weeks of starting blogging myself, so must have been about 3 or so months ago now and I instantly fell in love with it.

Now Magic Mummy will tell you that she isn’t a domestic goddess, but looking through her blog you can’t help but feeling quite jealous of everything she manages to cram so effortlessly into her day. She has two gorgeous kids (Miss & Master Frugal), a lovely husband (Mr Frugal), a full time job, a house to run and yet she still finds time to make any time that she does spend with her children quality time. This woman could put Nigella to shame with her cooking (no she doesn’t film herself while cooking a meal and thrust her boobs at the camera while speaking breathlessly about how wonderful the food makes her feel) she makes wonderful home cooked food, often with her children, especially Miss Frugal who has even taken over in the kitchen herself now! I should know because I have stolen several of Magic Mummy’s recipes and every one has been easy to make and absolutely delicious. Then there’s the endless ideas she has for things to make with her children, this woman should have a guest spot on Blue Peter!

This isn’t all there is to this blog, as you would expect from a blog with the name “The Diary of a Frugal Family”, Magic Mummy is on a journey to improve her family’s finances. The blog is packed with tips and tricks on how to save money and even make money, plus an insight into how Magic Mummy puts these tips into action for her own family as she shows us how much she has managed to save in a particular month, how she saves for Christmas and for the children’s birthday parties.

Some of my favourite posts from Magic Mummys blog are:

Easter Holiday Letters Where she write letters to her children, boss, the Easter bunny and more telling them just what to expect over the Easter holidays.

Icky Post Warning This is a hilariously funny post detailing one of those moments that only other mums can appreciate when our adorable children do something not so adorable!

Colourful crayons This is one of the great crafts that Magic Mummy has done with her children recently, if I hadn’t just thrown out all of E’s broken crayons I would be doing it this weekend!

Confessions of a bad mother Magic Mummy lets you in on all those things she does that may not measure up to the ideal of the perfect mother in this delightful post.

How to be a cheap date A sweet (and funny, especially the massage bit!) post about how to keep the romance in a relationship alive.

This is a guaranteed diet buster Magic Mummy forces me to accidentally make this and break my diet. (again!)

Twenty questions Very funny and very sweet interview with the kids.

Microwave jam sponge pudding Another recipe I stole, absolutely gorgeous and so easy!

Reindeer dust One of those posts I wish I’d found before Christmas, but will definitely be doing it this year!

My old woman book A self confessed stationary geek and list junkie, a woman after my own heart!

Budget bedroom A post about Miss Frugal’s gorgeous new bedroom, I will be stealing some of these ideas when I move for my daughters new room.

Memory books Such a good idea, I wish I’d have thought of doing it when my daughter was younger, maybe it’s not too late to start!

Frugal cleaning A fantastically frugal cleaning tip! I have been meaning to buy this stuff since I first read about it in this post.

So as part of Follow Friday get yourself over to The Diary of a Frugal Family to say hello and read this fanatastic blog!


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