>Chocolate Wishes

Another book I’ve read recently, finished this one last night infact. (I’ve now run out of new books to read so will have to find some more to keep me occupied)

This book is about Chloe, a chocolate maker with a very succesful business in “chocolate wishes” (hollow chocolate shells with a wish or prediction inside, like a fortune cookie) that she runs from her kitchen in the annex she shares with her much younger brother adjacent to her eccentric grandfathers old victorian home. The story revolves around Chloe, her grandfather who is a warlock, her great aunt who reads tarot cards, her younger brother dumped on her years before by her absent mother, and her two best friends Poppy and Felix.

It follows Chloe through moving home with her family and into her new business premises, old boyfriends showing up, dealing with betrayal, caring for her brother, finding out the truth about her parentage, being drawn into mystical goings on in the village and finding love all over again. It also deals with the differences and similiarities between christianity and paganism – although not in a boring stuff, don’t panic!

When I first started reading it I couldn’t get into it as I have done with other books, but I perservered and began to enjoy the book, even if it was slightly predictable. It was Chocolat with a family and friends thrown in for me, so I always felt I knew what was coming next and even predicted the plot twists in advance, but it was still an enjoyable read.

It is a good book and I feel that had I not previously read Chocolat I would have enjoyed it a lot more. It has lots of things in it that I enjoy – chocolate, tarot cards and romance, so if you are interested in all or some of those, this one may be for you!


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