>I’m a published author!

I’ve been babbling on about this book for ages and today I had two copies sent to me.

It’s part of a project that Joelle over at prymface and Thirteen & Thirty suggested I become involved in a few months back and I jumped at the chance. It was put together by Leicestershire & Leicester City Teenage Pregnancy Partnerships and is entitled “Dear me, letters to my pregnant self……an inspiring collection of letters”. It’s aimed at pregnant teens and young parents and hopes to prove that life doesn’t end just because you find yourself pregnant at a young age. I only wish there had been something similar available when I was 19 and pregnant with not a clue how my future would turn out or what I was capable of.

It’s full of letters from people who have been there, from Sue Townsend (Author of the Adrian Mole stories), Jo Middleton, journalist and who some of you may know as @mummyblogger from the blog Slummy Single Mummy , a 64 year old dad who looks back on his time as a young parent, an 88 year old woman who was also a young mum, Maria Roberts (Author of Single Mother on the Verge), the lovely Hayley over at Single Motherhood Challenges, Joelle who inspired me to take part in the first place, plus many more. (Not forgetting little old me!)

The letters are amazing, so heartfelt and inspiring and I cried at practically every one of them. It took me a good hour to read them all, I literally couldn’t put the book down, they all described exactly how I felt 9 years ago when I found out I was pregnant and all of them went on to say that life is what you make it, not what other people would have you believe you are destined to become just because of a stereotype.

It’s strange seeing what I’ve written in print, when it’s not pinned up on a board in the local probation office or being distributed in information packs at a conference. But what is even better than seeing something I’ve written printed in a book for all to see, is that someone somewhere might read my letter and it could help them to see that things will get better and you don’t have to put your life and your dreams on hold just because you find yourself pregnant at a young age.


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