>Plastic Joy

I’ve been tagged by Very Bored in Catalunya with the Plastic Joy Meme. I’ve got to tell you about some characters from film or tv that I would basically not kick out of bed for farting if you catch my drift!

So here we go:

First up is the delectable Henry Cavill who stars in The Tudors along with the also rather yummy Jonathan Reece Myers. What I wouldn’t give to be one of those girls with my legs wrapped round him! Saying that what I wouldn’t give to have skinny legs like that……!

The late great Patrick Swayze when he was in Dirty Dancing. I always wanted to be his Baby! Don’t think I’ll ever tire of watching that film.

Another gorgeous man who is no longer with us! River Phoenix was one of my crushes when I was growing up. I first discovered him in Stand By Me, which I still love watching now and he later graced the pages of my school hymn book and my bedroom wall.

My favourite man from Friends, the gorgeous Matthew Perry. There’s one particular episode that makes me melt where he and Monica have just started “doing it” as Phoebe said and as he leaves her apartment he turns before closing the door and just says “Bye”, but the look on his face gets me every single time! (yes I know I’m weird!) He’s also rather yummy in Fools Rush In, which is a soppy film favourite of mine.

There’s loads more I could name, but you can see the other men I lust after here in my hot list – and yes I know that Ross Kemp is a bit of a weird choice!

If you fancy doing this meme please consider yourself tagged!


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