>Follow Friday

>This weeks victim of Follow Friday is the lovely Emma from Me, the Man and the Baby. Emma is a 20 something mummy to the gorgeous Oli and other half to Jon (who now has his own Twitter account and is befriending all of Emma’s blogging pals to see if he can get more followers than her!). Emma is a friend to everyone in the blogging community and is always on hand to help people out or offer a kind word when someone is feeling down, she is quite simply an absolute sweetheart!

The blog dates back to January 2009 when Oli was just a bump and her blog has turned into a bit of a must read since then! If you want the cutest baby pics ever then this blog is for you! Emma has a bit of a photo taking fetish and brilliantly documents everything going on, from days out to Oli’s milestones.

Not only does Emma blog at Me, the Man and the Baby, she also reviews in the Mummy Bloggers Book Club and runs her own days out blog, Family Friendly Days Out in the UK. Not quite sure where she finds the time for all of this while looking after a baby, but I have heard on the grapevine that Jon makes a mean Spag Bol, so maybe she does have a helper at hand.

Some of my favourite posts are:

The following three posts are what I can only describe as “Teaspoon – gate”, you have to read these, I’ve been laughing to myself for the last half hour!

Why I will be opening a bottle of wine tonight

So today was kinda crazy

My day of fame

My favourite posts this year In a New Years Eve post Emma reflects on her favourite posts of 2009.

Are you a friend or a follower where Emma tells us what her blog “followers” mean to her and packs in a load of tips on how to get involved in the blogging community

Old before my time? A night out that made Emma feel old – you have to check this one out just for the pics!

Family friendly days out in the UK Emma tells us about her new blog dedicated to days out for the family across the UK, to which I am a proud contributor!

Mistakes This is what happens when you give a baby a chocolate biscuit! Love it!

Earning cash from home Emma gives us her tips on making some much needed extra cash

The day our beautiful baby boy was born where we get to meet Oli for the first time – what a beautiful baby!

As part of Follow Friday, get yourself over to Me, the Man and the Baby to say hello and read some more of Emma’s posts.


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