>Follow Friday

>The next victim of Follow Friday is the lovely Amy from And 1 more means four. Amy is a very busy 20 something mum to 4 kids, and she has another little one on the way in the next few weeks too! Amy started blogging on Friday the 13th March 2009, unlucky for some, but not for Amy, who has created a blog that has become a must read for many people. I stumbled accross Amy’s blog via the magic of Twitter a couple of months ago and have read it with interest ever since, this woman has 4 children, held down a job, looks after her hubby and the house, has another baby on the way and still manages to look young and gorgeous! (Can you tell I’m jealous?)

Amy’s blog starts with a post about when the realisation hit her that she was a mum with 4 kids. The whole blog is written with such warmth and honesty that you can’t help but feel like you know her and her family. We get updates on her kids, the joys of toddlers and young children and the funny things they do or say, updates on baby number four as she grows cuter day by day, as well as the cutest bump progress pics and gives us her opinions on numerous subjects – from people dropping round uninvited to customer service.

Some of my favourite posts are:

3 plus 1 equals 4 Amy’s first post, when it hit her she was a mummy to 4 children

Life Lessons what it’s like to have four children

Poem to my husband so sweet and a lovely poem

Paris Part 1 a long awaited honeymoon

Wordless Wednesday Number 5 is on his or her way!

5 reasons why a great post about why certain things are unlikely to happen

It’s a……… the best Christmas present!

You know you’re heavily pregnant when…. absolutely hilarious and so true!

Birth Story Carnival if you like reading birth stories, this one is for you! In honour of Amy’s imminent arrival she decided to organise a birth story carnival and she has had tons submitted, all of which are fantastic to read.

So as part of Follow Friday, get yourself over to And 1 more means 4 to say hello and read some more of this fantastic blog!


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