>Kreativ blogger & Honest scrap awards

>I’ve been given two awards recently, the first of which is the Kreativ blogger award from Slummy Single Mummy, the second is the Honest scrap award from Magic Mummy.

Now I’m supposed to give you 7 facts about myself that you don’t already know for the first award and 10 for the second, but as I pretty much divulge anything on my blog I’m going to attempt to come up with 10 rather than full 17, which would take me about a month!

So here goes:

1. I joined the Secret Post Club this month, having completely forgotten to put my name down when it first started and am looking forward to seeing what has been posted to me today. I found it quite hard to choose things for my recipient but had some help from my daughter, who is clearly far better at it than her mother!

2. I also joined the Penpal Club this month too. I am writing the first letter so need to get my skates on and get myself some nice writing paper tomorrow (ran out, typical!) and get it posted asap.

3. I went to see a show called High School Rocks with my daughter last night and knew more of the words to the songs from HSM, Camp Rock and Hannah Montana than she did. (yes I’m sad)

4. When I grow up I want to be a wedding planner! I would love to have my own business and I always thought that wedding planning would be a fantastic job. I have books on how to go about it etc but have never had the time or money to set up on my own, maybe when I win the lottery!

5. Instead of bags or shoes, I’m an underwear girl! I love buying new undies, whether its a matching set, pretty control underwear (lets face it, I need it!) or something a little racier, I just love it. I have neglected my passion for new undies since being overweight, yet the more I lose, the more my confidence returns and it seems the more I buy again!

6. Talking of boobs, mine went to a rather frightening 40J when I was breastfeeding! I quite honestly thought I would suffocate my poor daughter underneath the mutant boobs I was sporting back then! A conversation with @MeTheManAndBaby and @1moremeans4 the other night on Twitter reminded me of that, so may aswell use that as one of my 10 things you didn’t know about me! (told you I wasn’t shy!)

7. I have an impressive collection of chick flicks, from How to lose a guy in 10 days to Just married! My poor man! My books of choice are equally as girly, I do love a bit of chick lit, although am immersed in another historical novel at the moment.

8. I traced my family tree back to the 1600’s! And my family first established Watney’s brewery, which I’m told is still going under another name today and is a massive brand. Unfortunately my side of the family didn’t inherit any of the money, although my great grandad was supposedly also very rich in his own right (no idea where that money went to either lol!). I’ve uncovered all sorts of secrets during my search for information on my ancestors and have loved it. I have had a bit of a break from researching the family history but am determined to go back even further.

9. I cry at the drop of a hat – I could be watching the News, East Enders or even a kids dvd with my daughter, and the waterworks are almost guaranteed!

10. I’ve lost all rhythm since having my daughter! I used to be a right party animal, dancing the night away prior to having my little girl, but 9 years later I look more like a weeble rocking back and forth than anything that could actually be considered dancing!

Well there’s 10 things you probably didn’t want to know about me! As these awards have done the rounds lately, consider yourself tagged if you’re reading this and haven’t already been.


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