>Follow Friday – on a Saturday!

>My latest victim of Follow Friday, although a little late this week, is Beth from My Good Life. Beth started her blog in October 2009 when she was pregnant with her 2nd child and is a twenty something mum who’s busy planning a wedding, while studying Social Sciences with the Open University and training to be a Guider. Beth is also the creator of My good life – the recipe blog, of which I am a proud contributor.

I discovered Beth’s blogs in the last few months and she is such a lovely girl who I have enjoyed many a twitter chat with! I’ve loved reading all her posts and these are a few of my favourites:

And the other things….. a nervous Beth contemplating the birth of her 2nd child

Over 3 weeks of absence Beth’s first post after baby Dot was born

The End written on New Years Eve, Beth reflects on the last 10 years

Happy Two Month Birthday To You lots of pics of the gorgeous baby Dot

What do your children eat? as the mum of a fussy eater, I enjoy reading posts like this from other mums of picky eaters

How much to lose? Beth sets herself a weight loss target, and as someone who also has quite a bit to lose, I totally get how she feels

Happy Mothers Day a lovely slide show showing pics from Beths last 4 and a half years as a mum

I need a pooooooooo! Little Man’s birth story

It could be days yet Baby Dot’s birth story

‘Appy April Number 3 a proposal!

So as part of Follow Friday get yourself over to Beth’s blog to say hello and read some more of her fantastic posts.


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