>Diet Club & Airbrushing

My mum and my aunt finally came back to “diet club” last night, they haven’t been weight for a month now and the wii fit wasn’t impressed with them! It even pretended not to remember their names!

My mum has put on 3lb and my aunt lost 1lb over the month. I on the other hand have been up and down like a yoyo over the last month but have managed to lose a few pounds myself, even if they did go on and off a few times.

I have started on the old slim fast diet in an effort to lose a few more pounds more rapidly over the next week before I go to Spain. Seems silly really as once I’m there I will relax my diet and treat myself to some lovely tapas, not to mention the ice creams, so no doubt will come back a few pounds heavier anyway. Once I’m back I really need to get back into the diet though and stop this yoyoing all the time. My moods affect my eating habits and having been a bit stressed lately I’ve been reaching for the chocolates and desserts more than I ordinarily would. Hopefully a nice break for a week will be just what I need mood and diet wise and I’ll be back on track in no time.

I have been on the wii fit, but not as much as I should. I enjoy it once I’m doing it, but my problem is dragging my rather large behind off the sofa in the first place! Hopefully I’ll get some swimming in while I’m in Spain!

On the subject of dieting and body image, I was relieved to see that Britney Spears had released the before and after pictures from a recent shoot she did. You can see these pics here if you haven’t already seen them. Now to me, the pics don’t need airbrushing to change her shape or size, rather to hide a few blemishes on her skin, such as the bruises on her legs. She has an amazing figure pre airbrushing and I could never even dream of looking like that so good on her for releasing those pictures to show that she may not be perfect but she is proud to show the world just how she looks without the aid of computer wizardry!


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