>Do you tidy your child’s room?

>Probably a strange question to many, but do you?

My daughter is 8 now and I still find myself literally buried under a mountain of toys that haven’t been put away on a weekly basis, clothes that have been flung behind the mountain of toys she simply cant manage to walk all of a few feet to the laundry basket and deposit, dirty cups, empty cartons of juice and sweet wrappers she’s eaten in her room without me knowing. It drives me mad!

I admit that I don’t tidy her room as much as I used to, she is 8 and as far as I’m concerned old enough to tidy her own room. She has lovely storage boxes and bags just screaming out to be used. I labelled all of them so she knows what goes where and nothing gets lost, yet every day I find myself treading on a tiny piece of sylvanian families furniture or barbies left arm.

E only has a small bedroom so I know it will look messy easily because she has such a small area to play in and so many toys, hence all of the storage and a cabin bed to ensure the floor is her area to play in and all the toys are stored under the bed – well that’s where they’re supposed to be! I’ve tried reward charts (and that only works until she gets whatever reward it is for cleaning her room that she wants), tidying it with her and often tidying it for her – but that only happens when I literally cant get the hoover in there to clean it.

I know children aren’t supposed to be neat and tidy and should enjoy themselves, I just wish that at her age she would start taking some responsibility for looking after her toys and making sure they’re tidied away at the end of each day. I’ve tried cajoling, asking and shouting and none of them work, all of them end up in her bursting into tears and refusing to tidy anything at all. I do the odd cull of toys, usually before Christmas and again in the summer, but I find myself doing it more regularly these days due to the amount of what I can only describe as plastic crap she hoards from magazines and the odd trip to McDonalds, which I have to do in secret as she simply cannot live without the latest piece of plastic junk that breaks in all of two seconds flat!

I’m in two minds at the moment about whether to tackle her room again when the toys pile up into yet another mountain, or to leave it until she cracks and does it herself!

Do you tidy your children’s rooms? Have you any great ideas I can try to get her to tidy her room? (Other than my other option of throwing them all in a bin bag and storing them in my cupboard until she starts looking after her toys better!)


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