>Pretty things

>I’m a bit of a stationary addict and always have a lovely notebook or plenty of birthday cards to hand. However when I joined the Penpal Club I found myself without any nice writing paper. So off I went to WHSmith in my lunch break last week and found myself a nice Kath Kidston writing set.

Then the other day at work our “book man” brought in the usual cookery books, kids books etc and among them was a folder containing a friends and family organiser and some pretty flowery notecards. The friends and family organiser is just what I need, especially when I move to Spain, as it has space for addresses, birthdays and special events, christmas card lists and gift lists.

And yesterday I found some cute notecards I “designed” and received free from Vista Print when I ordered some thank you notes with E’s pick on them the other year. I put them in a “safe place” and only just found them!

So if you just so happen to be my secret post club partner in the future or I get put in touch with you through the penpal club, no doubt you will be receiving one of these and it’s the perfect excuse to write to some of my old friends instead of emailing now too!


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