>The Blogsitter…

>Like what I did there …babysitter, housesitter, petsitter …. blogsitter!!!! Well seeing as my lovely friend Miss not so single mummy is busy currently sunning herself in Spain enjoy sun sea and sangaritas … yes I know what you were thinking you dirty minded people!

So what will I be doing as a blogsitter? Well maybe I should introduce myself as you may not know who I am right now seeing as I’ve very rudely not introduced myself yet…

*stands up* Hi I’m Hayley and I’m a blog addict.

Oh sorry wrong place… this isnt bloggers anonymous is it? Whoops! Thats where I should be right now but I’m bunking to come write to you lovely people!

Ok seriously … I’m Hayley and I write over at http://www.singlemummy.net/.

As a blogsitter I have a few blog posts up my sleve in relation to a few things me and the lovely Miss not so single mummy have in common as well as how valued she is and you are as a reader … so theres a little taster for you and now I shall bid you adeui for the night and I look forward to spending more time with you all.


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