>A follow friday from the blogsitter

>Hayley again from singlemummy.net for todays guest post I figured that seeing as the lovely Miss Notso Single Mummy has done such a wonderful job the past few weeks of reccomending a fellow blogger every friday I couldnt let her down this friday by missing it out.

So I had a little think… browsed through my single parents twitter list … and came up with …. Becky who blogs over at Single Mummy.

A few facts about Becky:

  • Becky’s blog originally started in November 2008.
  • She is ranked 249 in the Tots100
  • Shes part of the Penpal Club.

Ok so now as is custom here at Diary of a (not so) single mum I will now show you some of my favourite posts by the lovely Becky.

Its hard at the weekend A post I could completely relate to as a single mum
Cake Review! Becky was lucky enough to get a cake to review! She wrote a fab review that had involved her whole family!
Kindness of a stranger A bit of a tear jerker and a very heartwarming post!
Seven Great things about being a Single Parent  – we all need a litte reminder sometimes as to the positives of single life.

So if you havent already met Becky, go and say hi! I’m sure she would appreciate it 😀


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