>Back from Spain

>Well I got my wish to be delayed by the ash cloud! I was supposed to be home on Tuesday but didn’t get back to Blighty until late last night. I was back at work today at 8am so needless to say I’m suitably knackered!

We had a wonderful time, even waking up at 3am last week didn’t put E off, she practically jumped out of bed and was raring to go. I had dreaded taking her on a flight on my own incase she was bored, but we had a nice breakfast at the airport and wandered round the shops, all very civilized and grown up for an 8 year old she tells me! Arriving in Spain she quite literally charged at my partner when she saw him, flinging her arms around him and covering him in kisses. It was wonderful to see from my point of view actually because she clearly adores him.

We had lots of fun while we were there exploring the local area, visiting restaurants and cafes, beaches, parks, other towns and villages, you name it we did it! We had planned on taking her on a dolphin boat but the sea was too rough but I needn’t have worried, E and I were on the beach at the weekend and as I looked up from my book I saw two huge grey fish jumping through the waves, if I was in any doubt that they were infact dolphins, it was confirmed when they both jumped right out of the water and dived back in, just like I’ve seen them do at Sea World in the past, they were beautiful and somehow seeing them on the off chance like that rather than chasing them through the sea on a boat was so much more magical for both E and I.

I met some of my partners friends and some of the people who live in the area, they are all so nice that any worries I had about moving there evaporated, I even have some of them looking for jobs for me they’re that nice! We also tracked down the local school so I could see where madam would be going once we move. It was wonderful being a family again, even ironing his work shirts and cooking the odd meal was great because I haven’t done it for that long! It’s made me realise just how much I can’t wait to move out there and be with him again, I miss him already and I’ve not even been back in the UK for 24 hours yet! Roll on September that’s all I’ll say!

Enough of my slushy ramblings, here’s a few pics:

The view from a bench in one of the beach front parks, I could get used to this view every day after school!

Rich kids playground! This is the local posh town, all gated communities and Ferrari’s parked by the yachts.

Who would’ve thought Benalmadena was sophisticated!

My lovely local beach

The lighthouse at the port in my local town

The port

The view from outside the apartment


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