>My Single Friend – Book Review

I bought this book before I went to Spain for something to read while I was out there and it certainly came in handy while sunbathing on the beach!

I found it a bit of a slow starter but once I got into it I couldn’t put it down! Lucy is a successful 28 year old with a great job in PR, a great boss, great friends and a flatmate she’s been inseparable from for the last 20 years. Lucy is however unlucky in love, she has a terrible addiction to telling prospective boyfriends little white lies about her hobbies and interests, with often hilarious consequences. Her flat mate and oldest friend Henry tries to convince her to stop lying, but she inturn decides that Henry needs a bit of help in the dating department and with her two best friends sets about creating “Project Henry”.

For someone who is likely to live in NHS specs and a cardi, Henry’s transformation is astonishing, he is unbelievably sexy and quickly turns into the resident stud. What takes Lucy a while to work out is that she infact is in love with Henry, but is it all too late?

This is a fantastic book and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of Jane Costello’s books.


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