>Dear John – Review

>I watched this film recently and I absolutely loved it. It stars Amanda Seyfried of Mama Mia fame and the gorgeous Channing Tatum who looks unbelievable in his army uniforms – and even better out of them!!!

It is the film that shot to number one in America, dislodging Avatar from it’s number one spot that it had held for an impressive 7 weeks and it is definitely worth seeing, however I’m told that if you have read the book it may leave you a little disappointed, but isn’t that the same with many films?

The story is about a soldier (John) in the US army who meets a girl (Savannah) who’s on “spring break” when he returns to his home town on leave from the army. They spend every day together and inevitably fall for each other. Promising to write every day for his final year in the army off John goes to complete his tour. With his tour almost over 9/11 sends shockwaves throughout the world and he reluctantly signs up for another 4 years leaving Savannah back in the US. Can they make things work?

I won’t spoil the plot but it didn’t go how I thought it would, well not entirely anyway. It is a great film, you have a bit of action for the boys in the war scenes (and when Amanda Seyfried takes her top off), romance for the girls and of course the lovely Channing Tatum takes his top off too! Then you have the underlying story of autism, with John’s father exhibiting signs of the condition as well as Savannah’s little friend that you meet on the beach. It gives the story a different dimension rather than just a romance because there are other things going on both in “real life” and in the army. The acting is also great, Seyfried is fantastic and you can really feel the emotion coming from her, I’ve read reviews that slate Tatum’s acting in the film but to me he was every bit as convincing as she was.

I would definitely recommend this one, but take a tissue!!


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