>Back on the (diet) wagon again!

I think I can safely say that time has been called on “Diet Club”, I keep making cakes, my mum eats anything that stays still long enough (thank god she doesn’t read my blog!) and my aunt has gone AWOL! I am determined to start again though and luckily my excessive cake making hasn’t lead to any weight gain but I can tell I’m getting to the point where I really do need to get back on the wagon and eat healthily and exercise again.

The cupboards are bare so it’s off to the shops after babysitting for my little nieces tomorrow afternoon. I’ve come up with my meal plan for the rest of the week, which is a start, now all I’ve got to do is stick to it.


Breakfast – slimfast (have some left to use up)
Lunch – Ham sandwich
Dinner – Patatas bravas with chorizo (have some yummy proper Spanish chorizo to use up that I snuck past customs!)


Breakfast – Slimfast
Lunch – chicken satay with salad
Dinner – Lamb kebabs with cous cous and salad


Breakfast – Slimfast
Lunch – chicken satay with salad (bought some lovely chicken satay from the butchers earlier so have to use it up)
Dinner – Tuna and potato salad


Breakfast – Slimfast
Lunch – tuna and potato salad
Dinner – Albondigas (spanish meatballs) & jacket potato


Breakfast – Bacon Sarnie
Lunch – Chicken & Serrano ham salad
Dinner – Quorn “lamb” steak with aubergine gratin (another spanish favourite and this is my veggie meal in aid of National Vegetarian Week this week)


Breakfast – Bacon Sarnie
Lunch – Aubergine gratin and salad
Dinner – Roast chicken and vegetables

I was originally planning on trying the “New” Atkins Diet as I’ve read so much about it recently and losing a stone in 2 weeks sounds rather appealing, but I’ve lost almost that eating a “normal” diet before with regular exercise so for now I will carry on doing my own thing. I’m going to have to get lots of apples and muller lights in to try and starve off my cravings for sweet things and avoid looking in any of my foodie mags for a while as I tend to gravitate straight towards the cake and dessert pages! Hopefully exercising will be less of a chore now the weather is supposed to be cooling down too!

If I can lose another stone by my birthday in mid July I will be a very happy bunny! Wish me luck!


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