>Dappers – a review

I was lucky enough to be sent a dvd of the pilot episode of a new programme coming soon to BBC3 called Dappers.

Set in Bristol and starring Lenora Crichlow (of Sugar Rush & Material Girl fame, who I am a big fan of) who plays Ashley, a streetwise mum of one with a bit of a dopey boyfriend, it looked set to be a great watch. Alongside Ashley is the character Faye, who is Ashley’s best friend (hence the title as Dappers means best mates in Bristolian) and also mum to a little girl who has boyfriend troubles of her own, the pair live in housing association flats in what looks like a very upmarket area of Bristol (that was probably the only unconvincing thing about the whole story as I’ve never seen such a beautiful housing association property and I spend my working days in them!).

The pilot introduces you to the characters in a very funny scene set in a pub (see it here) and you get to know them throughout the episode. Described as “Del Boy & Rodders in thongs” Faye and Ashley provide a laugh a minute with their get rich quick schemes. Throw the kids dads, some crazy neighbours in the flat downstairs and the stuck up neighbours next door into the mix and it looks set to be a fantastic series if it goes ahead. There are also some very touching scenes in which you see the girls caring for their children which makes it all the more real rather than just about the laughs.

It is the brainchild of Catherine Johnson, writer of the fabulous Mama Mia, who was a Bristolian single mum herself and she draws on this experience to show what single mums often have to endure while trying to be the best mum they can. It did in parts remind me of some of the things that I had to put up with myself as a single mum, useless exes, dopey boyfriends and struggling to make ends meet, but it was so humerous that you couldn’t help but relate to the characters and really grow to like them. They are chalk and cheese, the streetwise one and the girly one, yet they are so believable. It did kind of remind me a bit of the lives of some of the people I work with at probation though, whether thats a good thing or not I’m not quite sure, it’s probably more to do with the fact that I’m a miserable old cow these days and ten years ago I would’ve related to it no problem at all!

In all I really like this programme, I’d say it was comparable to Gavin & Stacey (which I love) and I even watched it twice, not something I often do with tv programmes. I actually really hope they turn it into a full series because I want to find out what happens next, so maybe that is all the proof you need that it is a great programme to watch out for on BBC3, I certainly will be.

Disclosure: Please note that I was provided with a copy of this DVD for review. I did not receive any further forms of compensation monetary or otherwise. The opinions contained within this review are my own. Should you wish to view my disclosure policy please click on the disclosure tab above.


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